Address: (no visitation)
Brielselaan 20B
3081 LB Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Phone number: + 31 (0)10 844 85 81
Reachable from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 17:00 hour

E-mail adress: info@rtease.com

CoC-number: 24331929

Tax number: NL.1762.66.859.B01

Rtease respects the privacy of all users of Rtease.com and we will handle your personal information with the upmost care. We use your personal information solitarily to make our transactions fast, safe and simple. For all other use we will first ask your permission to do so.

Rtease will never sell your personal info to third party companies. We will only share your personal information with third party companies who directly work with Rtease to, in example, ship your order.

Rtease uses your personal information only for these reasons:

When you order, we need your name, e-mail address, house address, payment preferences to submit and carry out your order.

We don't use your personal information to adjust our website to personal needs.

We don't save your personal information, including payment procedures, on our webserver. 

We dont use your e-mail address, unless we are given permission to do so, to send out newsletters or other developments around Rtease.

We appreciate your opinion and feedback given about Rtease. When you decide to write a review, or fans shout out, we will only share this if the comment is appropriate and suited within the boundaries of common behavior.

When you participate in one of our contests, on- and offline, we will ask for your personal information such as your e-mail address, home address, name, telephone number, country of residence and age to carry out the contest and notify contest winners.

We will use your first name, age and country as part of promotion of our brand and contest. But will never sell this information to others.

Rtease will never sell your personal information.

Rtease will never sell your information to third parties and will only share your personal information with third parties needed to complete your order. Our employees and connected third party companies will always handle your personal information with the upmost care and respect.



Cookies are small bits of information stored in your browser. Rtease uses cookies to recognize you as a returning visitor. Rtease uses this information only to see how many new and returning visitors we have a day. You can always turn off cookies in your browser when you shop at Rtease.com.

If you have anymore questions about this privacy statement. Please contact us by sending a mail to: info@rtease.com. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

This page will always have the most recent updated version of our privacy policy. So be sure to check this page now and then for any new adjustments.