Address: (no visitation)
Brielselaan 20B
3081 LB Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Phone number: + 31 (0)10 844 85 81
Reachable from Monday to Friday between 10:00 and 17:00 hour

E-mail adress: info@rtease.com

CoC-number: 24331929

Tax number: NL.1762.66.859.B01

1. Terms and conditions

Rtease has the right to alter the content of the terms and conditions any time they please. The version of the terms and conditions applied before, or during, the purchase of a product and thereby agreeing on that version of the terms and conditions. That version will apply. Unless the buyer agrees on the new terms and conditions stated after the purchase of a product.

2. Agreement

When you buy a product from Rtease you state an agreement with both parties. Rtease states that electronic communication, such as e-mail, can be used as proof for this agreement, the same as paying for the product. By accepting the terms and conditions you close the agreement.

3. Transport

Rtease takes great care of your order. Thats why we only use renowned transport services. As soon as we send the order to the the transport service, we cant influence the quality of the order anymore.

4. Risk at transport

Damage or loss of products during transport will be the liability of Rtease.

5. Time of Delivery

Standard shipping time for addresses in the Netherlands will be between 1 and 4 workdays. Shipping to other countries may take longer, aprox. 7 tot 12 workdays.

For shipping to other countries then the Netherlands, you must take extra shipping costs into account.

As Dutch law states on sales, Rtease will always deliver your products as soon as possible, at the very least within 30 days. When its impossible to deliver (products out of stock), theres another good reason not to deliver on time, or when an order can only partly be delivered. You will receive notice of these problems within 30 days. During this process you have the right to cancel your order at any time.

6. Guarantees

When a product isnt to your approval or a product is damaged, Rtease, in accordance with the customer, will find a way to compensate your complaint. Contractual agreements arent any less then contracts stated by the Dutch law which gives the customer the right for compensation when Rtease falls short on its part of the agreement.

8. Cancelation of the agreement

At all time you can cancel your order, until it has been sent to the transport agency. By purchasing a product from Rtease you can always cancel your order within 14 days, as Dutch law states, without any reasoning. You are entitled to a cancellation period of 14 days. These 14 days start as soon as you, or a beneficiary, the products from Rtease.

During this period you will take care of the products packaging and general state. You will only unpack the products when its needed to approve, or fit, the product. When you want to use your right of cancellation, you will return the unwanted products, in best shape possible, to Rtease, thereby acknowledging Rteases, within the boundaries of reason, rules on how to return a product.

When you want to return a product, you will contact Rtease yourself for clear instructions and guidelines.

Costs of cancellation

  • When you return your products, only the shipping costs will be for your own account
  • When you have paid for a product, Rtease will refund the money within reasonable time, not later then 30 days.

9. Payment


Dutch customers can pay their order with iDeal. When you select iDeal you will be transferred to the secure part of your Internet bank account, where you can pay for your order in your own familiar process. After this process we receive your payment and we will continue to deliver your products.


You can pay your order by creditcard. After choosing this option you will send to a secure environment where you can safely pay.

Bank transfer

You can also pay by banktransfer. As soon as the amount has been written on Rtease bank account, we will continue to deliver your products. Please mind that bank transferal from customers with an abroad bank account can take up more days.

9.1 Complaints

Rtease advises to investigate your delivered products on flaws and if the poducts meets your expectations. When this is not the case, please, within reasonable time, write Rtease about your findings or complaints. When you are proven right, and the products dont meet the standards, which have been promised to you, Rtease will replace the product in question with a new one.

please write to: Brielselaan 20B, 3081LB Rotterdam. Or write an e-mail to info@rtease.com

We will answer to your complaint within reasonable time, not later than 30 days.

On the agreement of these terms and conditions only Dutch Law apply.